Sain Zahoor on Coke Studio

Saieen Zahoor is one of Pakistan’s most enigmatic musicians whose mystical music is steeped in Sufi spirituality and devotion. Revered equally for his haunting voice and for his renditions of Kalaams by saintly poets Baba Bulle Shah and Mian Muahmmad Buksh, Saieen Zahoor has been a definitive part of Pakistani music for over five decades.

Saieen was born and raised in a rural family and started singing at the age of five. In fact, his first Sufi Kalaam lessons were under the guidance of Ustad Sain Raunka of Patiala. It was in 2006 that Saieen Zahoor released his first record Awazay and was also awarded the coveted Voice of the Year honour by the prestigious BBC World Music Awards. In 2007 he released a contemporary version of his Sufi song Allah Hoo as part of the film Khuda Ke Liye’s soundtrack to much acclaim.